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WTF - Where's The Fish, A Bay Daze Design

One of our feature designs I would like to share with you is our “WTF – Where’s the Fish” design. While growing up and learning to fish in the various bays that the Navy duty stations sent us to, my son Chris became the avid fisherman in the family. As he became an adult living in Virginia Beach he would fish all day on the Chesapeake Bay and bring home various types of fish, depending on what was in season. They were so fresh and delicious coming straight from the bay to our table. So when we were discussing designs for our Bay Daze shirts, we felt we wanted to do one about fishing. We had seen the large sword fish, shark, etc. type shirts, but we wanted a fun design that also was associated with the Chesapeake Bay.

That is how we came up with our WTF design ( I know what you are thinking :) ).

On the front left pocket is WTF, then on the back you have a picture of the four major fish types found in the Chesapeake Bay with the words “Where’s the Fish” under the design. Being a shirt about fish, we figure a lot of fisherman would like it to have a pocket, so our orange, black, ash and granite colors have pockets and we made the red one without a pocket. We think the design came out very well. You need have a sense of humor in this life.

Shop now for our design, click here and let us know what you think.


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